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You want to see me cry?
1.11.06 16:45

It´´s just a MATTER OF TIME, till I am yours and you are mine! You scared me with you words, you hit me with your smile, you killed me with this descision.... I don´t know if I want too meet you, I don´t know if I want to see you! It scares me so, it scares me so MUCH!!!

Tom, if you have a girlfriend, why damn hell do you want to meet me!? Isn´t ONE girl enough? I don´t want to play, I don´t want you, I don´t want to scare, I don´t want to feel so strange! Yeah you look pretty happy, boy! BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?

1.11.06 16:41

I better have to work it out...

1.11.06 16:23

Just trink a cup of coffe, and wait for better days! The time rolls on like you want it, if you let it in your brain....

30.10.06 16:11

People, it´s too boring.... please call me, speak with me, PLEASE!!!! Ifeel so alone eating gummibärs and chocolate, so damn alone and lonely
30.10.06 16:00


This movie is so inspiring, wonderful and totally perfect! I just thought about the "Blechkästchen" where the boy hides th things that are really "wichtig" for him. I just thougt about whats really important for me, what would I do in such a "Blechkästchen"?

I do not know, I really do not know

30.10.06 15:23

Bah, it´s soo boring, I don´t know what to do! I can cry every moment! Ma is gone now to her meditationsweek, so we 3, I mean my brother, dad and me are alone this week (HELL!) Man, that means I have to do all the fuckin Housework and all this shit, and WAHHHH, okay just keep cool, evrythings okay....wonderful...

30.10.06 15:12

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